R.D. Equipment, Inc.

Designer's Message

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My name is Richard Dagostino and I founded R.D. Equipment, Inc. in 1987, fourteen years after suffering a spinal cord injury that left me a C5/6 quadriplegic. I started this company to help others gain independence through products that I developed for my own use.


The Tub Slide Shower Chair was designed to eliminate the need for a roll-in shower. It is excellent for both home-care use and for the hotel industry.  There are currently two models available: the Original Tub Slide Shower Chair, and the New Self Propelled Tub Slide Shower Chair.

The Tub Slide Shower Chair was originally designed for hotels. My main objective was to have a product that would be economically feasible for hotels and motels to have on hand, while at the same time fulfill the needs of their disabled and elderly guests.

The Tub Slide Shower Chair is an excellent alternative to a roll-in-shower. It allows any hotel room to become accessible without costly renovations. When it is not needed, this product can be easily stored in a closet. The result is that the hotels & motels will have unlimited rooms available for their disabled guests, (rather, than only a few specialized units). Also, the Tub Slide Shower Chair will eliminate the need for the hotel guest to travel with their own shower chair, which can be very cumbersome.

This invention is a smart and economical alternative for hotels & motels and is practical for home health care needs. Many people do not have the resources or the desire to totally remodel their bathroom. The Tub Slide Shower Chair will eliminate the need for these renovations, and can be acquired at a much lesser cost. This chair will make life easier for the caregiver as well as the injured or elderly person.

The Electric Leg Bag Emptier enables the user to drain his or her leg bag at their convenience, with no outside help, an ability many thought unattainable. With this new ability many users are able to increase their fluid intake. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of urinary tract infections.

The Electric Leg Bag Emptier consists of a small, light weight valve that connects to the bottom of the leg bag. The size of the valve makes it easy to conceal under a pant leg for privacy. The switch used to operate the emptier can be located anywhere on the wheelchair, depending on individual needs, and is operated by simply pressing a button.